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Described as 10 Things I Hate About You meets 13 Reasons Why, one reviewer called this series “Funny, intense and endearing.” Another said “Drama you can't look away from. I was hooked from the first page.

Book Viral said: “Snappy, eclectic and edgy. An enjoyable read which will appeal to anyone with a sense of humour and an ear for the ironic.

New Kid In Town 
Liv, Jude and Kat are greater than the sum of their parts. Separately they are Brainy, Sporty and Arty. Together they are invincible. Until Drop-Dead-Gorgeous Ray wheels up.
Every girl wants a piece of the new boy in town, but wheelchair-bound Ray chooses Liv’s group with devastating results. He trades insults with Liv, lusts after Jude in her ice skating dress, and upstages Kat when he hams up Shakespeare in their English class. As his presence threatens the life-long friendship, Liv becomes convinced he hides a dark secret.

Gives a convincing depiction of mercurial teenage relationships and that dreadful sense of hope and fear combined around transforming friendships into relationships when you don’t quite dare take the plunge in case your feelings aren’t reciprocated.

The Show Must Go On 
Liv’s a snarky chocoholic, Luke’s an angry thug. Who better to take Dirty Diana down a peg or two? She totally has it coming.
Luke's daring plan to infiltrate DD’s gang makes him an outcast, but it has surprising impact on several members of the gang. As the mission plays out, Liv struggles to figure who are the heroes and villains in her life. Her survival depends on making the right choices.

Dealing with issues of self-image and peer abuse, this well-written, intriguing series shares many elements with "13 Reasons Why" as the complex characters grapple with issues such as sexuality, bullying and misread signals.
P.S. People thought the old cover too adult, so Icy's come up with a new one. Gorgeous, isn't it?

Leader of the Pack  
Why are boys like buses? None for years, then three turn up at once. Like a game show contestant, Liv has to choose between them: Terry - a nervous leading-man, James - a smooth gang-leader and Ray - a super-cool guy in a wheelchair.
Trouble is, she can’t ask the audience and, when she phones a friend, he tells her things she really doesn’t want to hear. The prize in this contest? Her sanity, her memory and her heart.

Fun and quirky characters, surprising discoveries, and some dark themes. Blisteringly smart, edgy and full of heart, this installment twists and turns toward the shocker of a climax.

Edge of the Blade 
Jude’s a girl on a mission. To win a medal at the national skating competition. But first she has to swerve an exam, alienate her friends and defy her dad. As obstacle after obstacle is put in her way, including being grounded for missing an exam, she has no choice but to catch the train to Coventry on her own. She hadn’t bargained on being alone in a big city at night … what she really needs is a knight in shining armour.

Tension builds as the adventures of Bryant Rockwell's teens continue. In this episode, their relationships deepen and they discover hidden depths of resourcefulness and resilience.

Music Was My First Love 
Kat’s just a girl who can’t say no. Taking on the Teen Factor competition nearly breaks her, but there’s way more going on than just vote fixing.
Kat’s strict upbringing means she can’t even swear in the privacy of her own head. How the heck is she supposed to front her Irish boyfriend’s rock band? Let alone wear the skimpy outfit the sleazy Teen Factor organiser demands. But the guy has so much worse in store for the unwitting contestants.

I loved the wit and humour in this story, but it also melted my heart. So many hilarious lines, and I was laughing so much at one line I totally spit my coffee. I found the idea Kat hated being so “Mary-Sue” hilarious.

Stand By Me 
Ray had it all: looks, brains and athletic prowess. Arrogance, much? Two car crashes later, he's minus his mum, his uncle and his legs.
Being trapped in a wheelchair is disastrous for a potential Olympian, but a fresh start teaches him humility and the value of friendship. A happy accident returns his independence with a nasty side-effect - the arrogance is back. Ignoring his friends’ advice, he's in danger of losing everything again.

The adventures of Bryant Rockwell's teens take an unexpected twist as strong feelings manifest themselves in nightmare visions. In this final episode, Liv finds herself once more torn between two equally undeserving suitors as she prepares to make her final, irrevocable choice. Did she pick the right one? Only smarties know the answer.


Huge Thanks to these ladies:
I have to take a moment to thank these phenomenally talented ladies for their help in getting this one out there:
     Hannah Sullivan and Kim Carter my editors, for their patience and skill,
     Icy Sedwick, my cover designer, for her Artistry, and
     Alice Bell and Paula Grundy, for their eagle eyes in developing and polishing.
Thank you for your awesome efforts on my behalf (click on their names to read their stories).

Here are some of the wonderful things people have said:
The story flowed very well, and the interaction of the group is funny, intense, and endearing. Wish I had such a group of friends.” – MM

Cool! Fun story with a fine story arc! I like the way the characters show their human frailty with jealousy and feelings of inadequacy.” – HS

This is a fantastic story that starts right out of the gate with totally compelling characters and naturally arising conflict.” – AB

These prestigious review sites gave 5-star reviews.
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Snappy, well-pitched and edgy. An enjoyable read which will appeal to anyone who has a sense of humour and an ear for the ironic. – Book Viral

Oh, this gave me all the feels! The characters were treasures, both individually and I loved their bantering relationships. This was an awful lot like being a teenager again! - Paisley Piranahs

A well written teenage high school experience. The romance elements fitted perfectly with the plot and were the right balance of lust, love, and friendship. I enjoyed the book and wish I could have read it when I was in high school! - Reader's Favorite


Here's a little more about the girls:
      Liv - a witty polymath convinced everyone thinks she's fat and a Queen B
She's supposed to be the brainy one, but that doesn’t stop her being really dumb about her self-image and the way she thinks people perceive her. It takes three boys to help her realise she actually is worthy.

      Jude - an all-round sporting star destined to be an ice-skating Olympian
She has no time in her busy schedule for romance. Heck, when she is not representing the school, she’s adding hours to her day with an ice-skating trainer who’s set his sights on the Olympics. And besides, the only boy she’s ever fancied is her best friend’s “boy next door.”

      Kat - an ethereal Irish songbird with a dark secret
She knows everyone thinks she has it all: blonde, skinny, with a voice people describe as that of an angel. She appreciates her many gifts, but all she ever wants to do is make people happy. Not easy with so many broken people around her. And just occasionally, she'd like to be “Naughty Kat.”

This trio are torn apart by the guys in their lives:
   Ray - smart, charming, but a chip on both shoulders after a crash broke him
He definitely had it all: looks, brains, and sporting prowess. Until a car accident took the legs from under him, leaving him in a wheelchair with a belly full of anger and bitterness at his curtailed swimming career. A new school means a fresh start, and he can’t believe his luck when three gorgeous girls take him under their wing.

    Luke - an angry jock who narrowly escaped juvie court after a "joy-ride" went bad
He apparently chose torment for this lifetime. Why else would the universe take his mother’s life, threaten his brother’s health, and throw Luke into the clutches of a violent, merciless gang? With the self-destruct button firmly pressed, Kat’s support is way more than he could hope for, let alone deserve.

   Terry - a nervous wimp who turns into a leading man on stage or in the ice rink
He wouldn’t harm a fly; in fact, flies had been known to bully him, along with every other kid he met. He watches Liv from afar, admiring her sassy humour and, above all, her courage. There’s no chance a girl like that would ever look twice at him, or is there? Maybe in a different world …

   Jimmy - a motorbike-riding sixth-former leading a rough gang
Jimmy Proud, motorbike-riding, gang-leading hoodlum: that’s all anyone ever knows about him. Meeting Liv changes something fundamental within him, and when he loses the influence of his older brother and his chavvy girlfriend, he desperately wants to reform. But old habits die hard.

   Liam a cheeky Irish cousin who plays a mean bass guitar
Life in Britain isn't what he imagined, but living with Kat's folks puts more than a slight strain on their relationship.  If only he could regain their carefree times when she vacationed in Ireland …

And every story has a villain:
   Dirty Diana spoilt, bitchy, doesn't have a good word to say about anyone - except Luke
For whatever reason she particularly has it in for Liv, pulling every stunt in the book to undermine and belittle her. And when she sees Jude and Luke getting close - well, you can imagine, can't you?


Interview with the author:
Q: What makes the Bryant Rockwell Series so special?
A: In this very British take on the high-school experience, you are never more than half a page away from a snark, joke or outrageous cliché. The most unusual aspect is having the main guy, Ray, brand new to the school, wheelchair-bound - this presents a host of unusual problems.

Q: How do the stories fit together?
A: New Kid in Town introduces Ray to Liv, the main girl, and the next two books, The Show Must Go On and Leader of the Pack follow the ups and downs of their courtship as everything, including a couple of new characters, gets in their way. The fourth book, Edge of the Blade, tells the story of Jude, Li'v sporty friend, and their arty friend, Kat gets to hog the mic in the fifth book, Music was my First Love. The sixth book, Stand By Me, draws all the threads woven in the first five books together in a climax I hope you won't see coming.

Q: Where's the magic and dystopian shape-shifting vampires?
A: The magic is definitely of the "Lights, Camera, Action" variety with songs, dances, and every kind of performance imaginable filling every chapter. As for the other things - not so much. But if you enjoy the drama and excitement of musicals, rock bands, and ice-skating, look no more. Fans of Strictly meets X-factor - you are definitely through to the next round.

Q: Why so many characters?
A: The girls cover all the bases, being Sporty, Arty and Geeky, and the stories follow their intertwined friendships with five lads before the ultimate pairings are finally reached. And, of course, there has to be a villain (or two), a sidekick (or three) and a whole host of siblings, parents, teachers etc. Thankfully, according to fans, the girls have such disparate personalities you should be able to tell them apart. Good luck with that one ..

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