Saturday, 8 December 2018

Two Deals a Day???

Am I going Crazy? Well, yes, actually. For the rest of this month, there will be at least two books free every day. Check out how it looks in the calendar:

Make a note, and log in every week to discover the latest links for your FREE, Free on Kindle Unlimited or 99c/99p books.

Merry Christmas everyone.

P.S. BR is Bryant Rockwell (YA Contemporary Romance) NT is Nature's Tribe (Medieval Romance)

Dec 8: FREE - Final Jeopardy (Jeopardy #3) - Ro Green
            FREE - Fox Among Wolves (Hostage #1) - Ro Green    *Deal continues till January*
          FREE on KU - Young Men Gone West (Juke Box Musical) - Ro Green
          99c/99p - Archer (Hengist #1) - Jacky Gray    *Deal continues till 26th December*

Dec 9: FREE - Death Wishes (Gentle Angel Story) - Ro Green
            FREE - Don't Stop Believing (Juke Box Musical) - Ro Green
          99c/99p - Wolf in Sheep's Clothing (Hostage #1) - Ro Green    *Deal continues till 16th*

Dec 10: FREE - New Kid in Town (BR #1) - Jacky Gray
             FREE - Show Must Go On (BR #2) - Jacky Gray
             FREE - Music was my First Love (BR #5) - Jacky Gray

Dec 11: ***Brand New Release today***
          99c/99p - 3 Handfastings and a Burial (NT #1) - Jacky Gray
          ***Prequel to 12 Days of Yule: A Magical, Medieval Romance***  
          99c/99p - Rory (Hengist #2) - Jacky Gray    *Deal continues till 26th December*
             FREE - New Kid in Town (BR #1) - Jacky Gray
             FREE - Music was my First Love (BR #5) - Jacky Gray

Dec 12: FREE on KU - 12 Days of Yule (NT #2) - Jacky Gray
              FREE - Leader of the Pack (BR #3) - Jacky Gray
             FREE - Music was my First Love (BR #5) - Jacky Gray   
             FREE - Slater (Hengist #4) - Jacky Gray

Dec 13: FREE - Edge of the Blade (BR #4) - Jacky Gray
             FREE - Slater (Hengist #4) - Jacky Gray

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Advent Calendar Deals 2018

Apologies it's a few days late, but any expired deals will be back!
Here's a summary of the crazy savings you can make this month.

1st - 99c/99p
2nd - FREE
3rd - 99c/99p
4th - FREE
5th - 99c/99p

P.S. BR is Bryant Rockwell (YA Contemporary Romance)
Dec 1: 99c/99p - Stand by Me (BR #6) - Jacky Gray
Dec 2*: FREE - Fox Among Wolves (Hostage #1) - Ro Green    *Deal continues till January
Dec 3*: 99c/99p - Archer (Hengist #1) - Jacky Gray                          *Deal continues till 16th
Dec 4: FREE - Slater (Hengist #4) - Jacky Gray
Dec 5*: 99c/99p - Wolf in Sheep's Clothing (Hostage #1) - Ro Green    *Deal continues till 16th

Dec 6: FREE - Triple Jeopardy (Jeopardy #1) - Ro Green
            FREE - Geraint (Hengist #5) - Jacky Gray
Dec 7: FREE - More Jeopardy (Jeopardy #2) - Ro Green
            FREE - Music was my First Love (BR #5) - Jacky Gray
Dec 8: FREE - Final Jeopardy (Jeopardy #3) - Ro Green
            FREE on KU - Young Men Gone West (Juke Box Musical) - Ro Green
Dec 9: FREE - Death Wishes (Gentle Angel Story) - Ro Green
            FREE - Don't Stop Believing (Juke Box Musical) - Ro Green

More deals next week.

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Prequel to a prequel??? Say what?

Because I loved the Hengist series so much, I will take any excuse to stay in that world. However, a number of people have asked about how it came about, so last year, I set about writing a prequel, and met Senna - a spirited midwife, who told her story through 12 Days of Yule. Three chapters into the sequel, 8 Sabbats of the Sun, Lyran tapped me on the shoulder and demanded why I hadn't bothered to give him the mic until right at the end of 12 Days. Just to get him off my back, I wrote a prequel to the prequel: 3 Handfastings and a Burial (yeah, I know!!!).
This will be available very soon, and you can pre-order it now at only 99c/99p.

Here are Icy's Gorgeous covers, and the links.
Nature's Tribe Series - Buy (or preorder) from Amazon/Read for free with Kindle Unlimited:
Because I like to give myself a challenge, I've put the 3rd book on pre-release with a ridiculous deadline of early February. Guess you know what I'll be doing over Christmas!

Monday, 15 October 2018

Stand By Me

So, this is it - the sixth book in the Bryant Rockwell series, bringing to a close the traumatic adventures of my teenage trio.
You can pick up a copy for only 99c/99p.

You know the whole Edward or Jacob debate? (Twilight 2008)
Or, if you prefer, Gale or Peeta? (Hunger Games 2012)
So, it must have been something in the Zeitgeist, because I wrote these 6 books from 1999 to 2007. And the theme that runs through all six is that Liv has to choose between Ray (the guy in a wheelchair with a secret) and Jimmy (the guy on a motorbike with a secret). It made for fun writing, and I hope it makes for fun reading.

Here's an idea of what you'd be letting yourself in for:
Ray had it all: looks, brains and athletic prowess. Arrogance, much? Two car crashes later he's minus his mum, his uncle and his legs.
After a happy accident, he regains his independence with an unfortunate side effect - the arrogance is back. In his quest to reach his previous level of fitness, he's in danger of losing it all again. With the pedal pressed firmly to the metal, it will take something catastrophic to stop Ray's spiral into self-destruction.

Here's what people are saying:
"This well-written series perfectly captures the teen angst, relationships, slang, jealousies and bullying that are so normal for teens. The characters are a bit older, but only slightly wiser. I will just say that these adventures kept me well entertained."

"Watching your friends on the brink of self-destruction is hard. This clever tale takes the reader on a journey to find one's self and encourages one to support their friends through challenging times. May we all be so blessed to have such good friends to help us through our not so stellar moments. A great finish to a wonderful series."

"The best thing about this series is the way each book has a slightly different feel. The first one sets the scene with all three girls sharing the mic to reveal bits of their story, the second feels like an episode of Glee, and the third has continual quirky dialogue between Liv's feuding inner voices. The fourth is a 'girl's own' adventure, the fifth a cozy mystery, and the sixth reveals inner torment via Monty Pythonesque dream sequences. Very cool."

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Music Was My First Love

and it'll be my last.
When I first heard those lyrics back in 1976, they resonated like crazy. Well, I was only 16. Four decades later, they still have the same impact and, as my long-suffering hubby will attest, I spend every waking minute of every day listening to music.

So when I wrote a book featuring an X-factor-style singing contest, the title suggested itself.

You can pick up a copy for only 99c/99p.
Here's an idea of what you'd be letting yourself in for:
Kat’s just a girl who can’t say no. Taking on the Teen Factor competition nearly breaks her, but there’s way more going on than just vote fixing. Kat glimpses the potential danger from a ruthless, underground organisation. Does she have the courage to continue her risky investigation?

And here's what people are saying:
"I love Kat. She speaks to me. I love to please people and want everyone to be happy, even at my own expense. I appreciate her struggles and her strength to endure."

"I enjoyed this behind-the-scenes look at a singing competition, and Tank is one of my favourite characters - what’s not to love about a camp goth with a rockstar dad?"

"Boy can I relate to Kat's inability to say no! I have enjoyed every Jacky Gray story I ever read. This one is no exception. Teen life is never easy - or dull!"

"It’s at heart a story of impossible love, wrapped up in a mystery adventure with overtones of many of the social issues teenagers face like bullying, coping with exam pressures and pushing limits. Kat, the main character was easy to relate to and I found the idea she hated being so 'Mary-Sue' hilarious."

Monday, 3 September 2018

Crazy deal for September

The last two Bryant Rockwell books are close to release, so for this month, I'm offering a silly deal. If you sign up to my newsletter, you will get the first two books in the series absolutely FREE (normal price $8/£6). And a heads up when the other books are on offer.
What's the catch? A couple of emails a month giving you a chance to win free books (from other series of mine) or asking you to leave a review. Of course you can feel free to ignore them!

You're Welcome

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Fresh YA Series Free on Kindle Unlimited

I've just had some awesome ads created for the Bryant Rockwell series, I'm hoping they will tell the tale. quite nicely.

And a reminder if you, like me, are a huge drama-brat wannabee, looking for something full of references to popular movies and shows like "10 Things I Hate About You" and "13 Reasons Why," this series is packed full of references. As well as featuring Shakespeare and musicals like "West Side Story" and "Bugsy Malone."

Having just watched all 7 seasons of "Suits," I know it's not just me who mis-spent her youth watching movies.

And for those who aren't in KU, there will be free days all over the next couple of months in anticipation of book 5 - "Music was my First Love," which will be out in Autumn. Stay posted for details.