Friday, 18 March 2016

It's a Billy Bargain!!!

For the next couple of days, you can save over 70% on the price of the first three Hengist books.
$14,97 => $3.99

Grab your copy now, before stocks run out. Oh, hang on a sec, it's electronic - the stocks won't run out. Duh!!!

Buy US or in UK only £2.77 - a proper steal.

Here's what people say about it:

"Archer is a boy after my own heart. A little shy, wickedly clever (when words are necessary), and loyal to the bone. I think the best part of this book is how human and endearing all the characters are."

"Rip roaring adventure for readers of all ages, Rory proves a fitting sequel to Archer. There's a whimsical element to this one that delights with its cocky confidence and a bemused view of the modern world by a boy out of his own time."

"This is an incredibly charming series. As much as I loved golden boy Archer, Reagan is the one who stole my heart. I was a 'geeky teen' so I could be biased, but it seems to me that the heart and wit and adventure, that are the author's style, are in full force in this third book."

"These books transition from one to the next so well I feel like they aren't even different books. The characters just pop right off the page. Reading these books is like watching a play in my mind. I can hear their voices and see their faces as I read page after page. Jacky Gray is a great author, truly does bring the characters to life."

Sunday, 13 March 2016

500 words soon mount up ...

... when you're judging a class set of them.
I'm proud to say that in my 4th year of being a first round judge for this phenomenal competition, the standard of entries has risen tremendously. This time, my shortlist was anything but, with eleven stunning examples of the best of British children's writing.

Really was a toughie this year, but I think I'm pretty much there now. I'll be glued to the website to see if one of my darlings made it through to the final stages. Good luck, my lovelies.

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Ciao Bella

This is not real; just a mock-up!!!
So there am I, helping my lovely student Izzy wrestle with quadratic equations which just didn't want to be factorised, when my gorgeous daughter rings me up from Italy.
Ok, it was no big surprise. I'd spent a coupla hours driving her to Stanstead airport this morning, but it was still a shock she got there so quickly.
Back to rattling round a big house for 3 months with just me, Bri and Sasha (collie-cross).
Never mind. Easter's coming early this year ...

P.S. Don't kill me sweetheart, those copper highlights really weren't this bright.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Would that there were more hours in a day ...

... so I might get everything done that I wanted to.
So far, my to-do list has about 20 writing-related activities on it (and I've just crossed off a whole load) and a couple of work-related/family ones.
It doesn't help that I'm in the process of releasing a book under a different name - the whole process of writing/editing/beta-changes/marketing etc is time consuming.
But as soon as, I hope to get onto the edits for the sixth Hengist book, Aurora - another one set mainly in this country where things for the Hengist people, and Archer in particular, get a lot darker and nastier.
If all goes to plan, this might be out by Beltane (May 1st), but I'm hoping to put out a box set of the 1st 3 Hengist between now and then.
Ho hum.
Did I mention how much I love my life as a semi-retired math-teacher come full-time-writer?
I really do. Just wish there was more than one of me, or more than 18 hours in a day (even I have to sleep).