Monday, 26 May 2014

50 Shades of Green

That's what I am reliably informed the author is calling this book. To all those friends and acquaintances who ask her when she's gonna write one. Not that it bears much resemblance - this is three stories, not one and the girls are much younger - teen and college in the first two. Ok, so the last story does get a little tied up in  naughtiness, if you know what I mean, but that's Ro for you. He middle name is playful and she does like to have fun.

You can buy it in the UK for 77p and the US for $1.29, but only for a little while longer, then it will go up to £2.44/$3.99. So go and snap it up quick - just keep close to a cold shower for when you finish.
Here's the blurb:

Three girls, three decades, one outcome. These heroines have one thing in common – they attract trouble.

Tina’s Dilemma - Would you tell your best friend? Underneath Justin’s Greek God exterior is a dark bully. Tina has suffered twice at his hands and now he’s about to marry her former best friend. She is faced with a choice – ruin the wedding and risk a friendship or let Chloe marry the wrong man.

Teacher’s Pet – Where does it say “feel free to take advantage”? Vicky’s passionate opinion in class attracts unwanted attention from the local rugby hero, whose mates are just plain loud. But they are exactly who she needs when Dr Parr decides to educate her about more than just Economics.

Date Rape – When play-acting stops being a game. Kent Adams was different to Cassie’s normal dates – this one was a keeper. Erudite, worldly and six foot of pure, knee-trembling muscle, he shares her passion for opera and takes her to Shakespeare’s very own theatre in Stratford. But a combination of misread signals and dark yearnings culminate in the worst night of her life.

These short stories, set in the 70s, 80s and 90s involve the rather precarious adventures of three lovely ladies – and we’re not talking about the tree-climbing and dinghy-sailing type either. Hang on a sec, in the first book we actually are. A sweet coming of age story (with a dark twist), a college story that bites back, then the one that should have stayed buried on a floppy disk and never be released - but apparently S&M is the order of the day ...

Warning: Contains scenes of sexual violence.

Ro's added a bit about may contain nuts or something, but that's plain daft - you can't eat an e-book.

Friday, 16 May 2014

Thunder storms up the bestseller lists

Flags are out in three countries, celebrating the last of the World Wise Writer gals to release her debut novel. Only been out a couple of days and it already hit #26 in the Amazon US Bestsellers list for Children's Sword & Sorcery Fantasy Books. That's against stiff competition like Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and The Hobbit.
Here's the deal:

When fifteen-year-old Olivia Williams and her two younger brothers wake up from a car crash, they’re positive their world has changed. The talking horse is a big clue. And he has a lot to say. According to Thunder, fairies, magic and good ol’ St Nick are all for real. On some level. Which would be incredibly awesome, but there’s a problem. A rift has formed between the layers of existence, and the evil Sliders are taking advantage of it—bringing violence, fear and hatred with them.

Now the three siblings are immersed in a tangle of reality and fantasy. One with trolls, freakish amphibians ... and town-devouring rats. Fortunately, help is on hand as Thunder introduces them to a world of Shifters and other powerful beings. Like Olivia’s very own Guardian, Ethan. Whom she actually does like. A lot. How could she not, when his job is to stand between her and death?

With humanity at stake, the Williams children must do more than accept the unbelievable. They must accomplish the impossible. The rift needs to be sealed and they’re the only people alive with the potential to do it.

You can buy it now on Amazon US or Amazon UK - at a mere $3.99/£2.43, it's one of the biggest bargains you'll find today. See what other people have said about it (follow the link for your country's Amazon and click on comments) and if you are still not convinced, read an excerpt on her blog.
When you've enjoyed meeting Olivia and her brothers, a comment would be awesome.

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Mirrored Time defeats the Goblins

Whoops - this is a couple of days late - too busy focussing on my own stuff. One of our wonderful World
Wide Writers has published her stunning debut novel. This is one you are going to want to read again and again - or even Time after Time (cue Cindy Lauper ...) This will give you the idea:

First it was water.
Then blood.
And finally smoke.

Gwen Conway never knew there were so many ways to die. Honestly, it was something she would have been happy not knowing. Maybe, they really are just dreams. Nightmares. But they won’t stop. And dreaming of her death is getting old. Then there’s the sleepwalking. She’d like to pass on that too. Gwen’s pretty sure the dreams have something to do with her new job. Which of course, is definitely not just a ‘job.’

Don’t get her wrong, working for the Archiver of the Time Streams has its perks. Having the power to travel to any past or future time is fantastic. Plus, there’s Rafe, the ex-gladiator from the future. She’d like to keep him around too. Not that she would tell him that. It’d go straight to his head.

But she’s less than pleased to find herself in the middle of a time travelers’ war. Especially against a crazed half-god who has the power to obliterate the existence of any time or place. And the Guardians, her so called allies? All the help they offer is strict rules and smug superiority. Plus, they seem convinced she’s already lost, that she’s already died.

Gwen is starting to wonder whether she should have read her employment contract more carefully.

When you've read it, a comment would be awesome.

I strongly recommend you check it out - if my word isn't enough, read an excerpt on her blog and see what other people have said about it. Also, you can follow her progress through the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award - she's currently a quarter finalist. it also gives you the option to download the 1st 16 pages for free.

Thursday, 1 May 2014

What's not to like about a Hot Angel and Forbidden Romance?

Absolutely nothing. If that sounds like your cup of tea, check it out:
UK Death Wishes or US Death Wishes. Here's some more detail:

During a routine operation, Jo Gold dies, causing all hell to break loose in heaven. No more exciting explorations with her teenage kids. No more bringing the worlds of film and TV into her maths lessons. No more dreams of adventures further afield. Or are there?

Her list of "10 things I must do before I die," written in front of witnesses, constitutes a legal and binding contract. Based on seven key aspects of her life, the angels have to decide whether she deserves a stay of execution to fulfil her bucket list.

Machidiel is a complete rookie, so everything is against him, especially the technology that lets him experience her emotions. As he tries to build a picture of her creative accomplishments, he is drawn to her in ways no angel should be. The added complication? His boss Zadkiel is determined to cause chaos at every opportunity. Mac is equally determined this woman will not stay dead. He has no idea of the real complication. If she lives and he is appointed her guardian angel, he will have to resist his attraction to her.

When you've read it, a comment would be awesome.