Sunday, 19 January 2014

Interviewing the cast

I have seen this done on various websites and thought it seemed like fun. I actually wrote this a long while ago, then it got buried in amongst a load of school work. I just found it amidst a huge clean-up of my over-stuffed bureau - it's a work in progress, but I'm 80% there now. Here's a taster - to read the full thing, go to cast interview (just after the map).

Tale-teller: So Archer, you are the favourite to win the sporting round – is it going to be easy?
Archer: Not at all. No-one can touch Finn on the back of a horse and Beorn’s a master with the sword.

Tale-teller: Your skill with the bow and arrow is known all over Oxford – I hear that Gaelic Sound even wrote a song about it.
Archer: The song was about Finn and Fletch too. All three of us went to meet the Oxford Bowman but it got dangerous when we met the Renegates.

Tale-teller: But they called it Archer, Son of Sedge. Never mind, I can see you are embarrassed by it. Can you guess who will be in the final?
Archer: Gosh that’s a hard one. There’s no one as good as Fletch in the Worthy round – except maybe Machin – he has a really show-stealing invention. Tybalt’s craft entry is going to be hard to beat and any one of the Warriors could go through – we’re all evenly matched.

Tale-teller: But only you and Finn are jousting – it’s unusual to see juniors involved in this sport.
Archer: I know, but Professor Niall said we were ready and we want to honour his decision.

Tale-teller: Thank you Archer. Fletch, who would you bet on?
Fletch: Me obviously. I can sing, dance, fight and nobody knows more about King Richard than me.

Tale-teller: I like your confidence. Who will you be facing in the final?
Fletch: Archer obviously from the Warriors. Tybalt's the strongest Magi, but he’s not so good when it comes to the sporting rules so I will best him on the knowledge round.

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Happy New Year

Apparently there's all manner of superstitions about bad luck if you wish someone glad tidings for the new year after the 12th night, but seein' as how I make my own luck, it doesn't apply to me.

Well that was a festive season and a half! I drove 1800 miles picking up/dropping off my wonderful offspring and visiting friends and family for Yule and Chrismas festivities.
Some of the highlights were:
  • being attuned to Reiki One (with my dear friend Sarah) by my talented auntie Lynne; 
  • supping soup and ale by a roasting fire in a picturesque pub in Coniston; 
  • early snowfall on the hills surrounding Castlerigg stone circle, 
  • sunset on Glastonbury Tor on the eve of the winter solstice, 
  • greeting the sun in Avebury sun circle on solstice morning (many thanks to the Archdruid and Crone of Avebury for making us welcome); 
  • singing Christmas carols in the magnificent grounds of Warwick castle 
  • and best of all sharing several fantastic feasts with my fabulous family. 
2014 had such a great start, it has a lot to live up to, but with the digit sum of 7, I'm sure it's equal to the task.