Sunday, 19 January 2014

Interviewing the cast

I have seen this done on various websites and thought it seemed like fun. I actually wrote this a long while ago, then it got buried in amongst a load of school work. I just found it amidst a huge clean-up of my over-stuffed bureau - it's a work in progress, but I'm 80% there now. Here's a taster - to read the full thing, go to cast interview (just after the map).

Tale-teller: So Archer, you are the favourite to win the sporting round – is it going to be easy?
Archer: Not at all. No-one can touch Finn on the back of a horse and Beorn’s a master with the sword.

Tale-teller: Your skill with the bow and arrow is known all over Oxford – I hear that Gaelic Sound even wrote a song about it.
Archer: The song was about Finn and Fletch too. All three of us went to meet the Oxford Bowman but it got dangerous when we met the Renegates.

Tale-teller: But they called it Archer, Son of Sedge. Never mind, I can see you are embarrassed by it. Can you guess who will be in the final?
Archer: Gosh that’s a hard one. There’s no one as good as Fletch in the Worthy round – except maybe Machin – he has a really show-stealing invention. Tybalt’s craft entry is going to be hard to beat and any one of the Warriors could go through – we’re all evenly matched.

Tale-teller: But only you and Finn are jousting – it’s unusual to see juniors involved in this sport.
Archer: I know, but Professor Niall said we were ready and we want to honour his decision.

Tale-teller: Thank you Archer. Fletch, who would you bet on?
Fletch: Me obviously. I can sing, dance, fight and nobody knows more about King Richard than me.

Tale-teller: I like your confidence. Who will you be facing in the final?
Fletch: Archer obviously from the Warriors. Tybalt's the strongest Magi, but he’s not so good when it comes to the sporting rules so I will best him on the knowledge round.

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