Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Any minute now ...

Know what this feels like - only a few hours to go ...

wWw - busy bees

Really shoulda kept up to date with this, but it's been a busy year with lots of mundane stuff keeping me away from the fun stuff. Here's the gen on Sho and Ace - didn't they do well?

Thursday, 19 March 2015

World Wide Writers - back with a splash

Oops, we've all been a tad busy getting on with our lives - Hannah had a baby, JD and I got new jobs,  Sho got herself an awesome publishing deal for The Faithful, Ace has released her first audio book (Crossfire) and Ro's busy with the sequel to Fox Among Wolves.

Thanks to the organisational muscles of the very wonderful SM Freedman (the one with the deal), we have pledged to be a little more customer focussed and let the rest of the world know what's going on in our busy lives.
With that in mind, Hannah has written a blog to tell us why she's postponing the sequel to Thunder for a little while. Read all about it here.