Christmas Reading

Here are some fabulous books from some awesome authors if you are looking to stock up your kindle for the cold winter nights.
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Time Travel/Fantasy/SCI-FI

  • Jacky GrayRory - Hengist #2 – Stick his neck out to save the so-called friends who betrayed him? Modern-day thugs try to break Archer’s spirit with violence and mind games. Instead, this medieval warrior teaches them courage & honour. Rip-roaring fantasy with humour/romance.

  • JA AndrewsA Threat of Shadows –  Alaric was a Keeper; a man, protecting the land with knowledge and magic. Until – his wife was poisoned and he betrayed everything to save her. Only to fail.

  • Katy HayeThe Last Gatekeeper –  Two worlds. A queen determined to rule both. Only a teen girl stands in her way. The girl must defeat the queen and bring salvation to two damaged worlds.

  • RJ VickersThe Fall of Lostport – High-spirited and irresponsible Laina, may not inherit the throne–but she alone can keep her beloved homeland out of the High King’s grasp.

  • Icy SedwickThe Necromancer’s Apprentice – Will young wizard Jyx’s impatience lead to him taking his education into his own inexperienced hands, and can a necromancer’s apprentice really learn to raise the dead – and control them?

  •  Sharon GibbsBound to Survive – When an evil sorceress and a tyrant lord stand between Christopher and freedom, failure is not an option. An epic tale for fans of fantasy.

Romance: Teen, Sweet and Festive

  • Jacky GrayNew Kid in Town – Blends drama and romance in high school. Snappy, eclectic, and edgy about lives of three girls when a new kid wheels in to their class.

  • Tracey PedersenSeven Days to Me – Golding Mining is going from strength to strength under the dedicated management of Stephanie Golding. When she unexpectedly inherited her father’s company, she gave up a whole different life to ‘do the right thing’. Too bad she dreams of returning to a life that has long since slipped through her fingers.

  • Karen AminadraChristmas at Longbourn – Join your favorite Pride & Prejudice characters as love comes once again to Longbourn this Christmas.

  • Emily MurdochA Christmas Surprise -The Marchwood Christmas Ball is the best change for Lady Audrey, who just turned eighteen, possibly only chance of securing a husband.

  • Joanne DannonChristmas Kiss, New Years Wish –  A heartwarming friends to lovers holiday romance for readers who love ice-cream, Christmas and Elvis.

  • Rowanna GreenDeath Wishes - An Angel RomanceWhen Jo Gold dies, all Hell lets loose in Heaven; she must live until her bucket list is fulfilled. Who better to help than a rookie guardian angel? Think Coke Break guy with wings. Yummy! 

Family, Mystery, Kids and Non-Fiction

  • Jean GraingerSo Much Owed – In a turbulent and uncertain world, the birth of two children revitalize a small Irish town and set the stage for a closer look into lives torn asunder by war.

  • Cari SchaefferHello and Goodbye: The Yellow Ribbon Chronicles – Think military life is hard? Try being the wife. Media coverage is glossy. Life is gritty. Share in the courage, loneliness, and triumph military families face as one of their own. Join them now.

  • Libby KirschThe Big Lead - New TV reporter Stella Reynolds moves across the country for her chance at a dream job, and her career kicks off when she covers the town’s first murders in years.

  • AK LakelettRemember Me? – What happens when your past catches up with you? A dead man; deep hidden secrets of so called love, a classic whodunit set in a small town in Devon.

  • Elena PaigeHercules Finds His Courage –  Two modern-day children. A pair of old shoes. And a time-traveling adventure. (Age 6-8)

  • Milica VladovaBuild your Immune System Fast – This is what you need after the holidays or before, or both. Get 500 pages of detox and immune boosting recipes. Invest in your health, rejuvenation, beauty, and longevity with the Complete Body Cleansing and Strong Immunity Bundle.

And because you've persevered all the way to the end of the page, here's a little bonus extra: "A Magical, Medieval Romance" perfect for curling up with a goblet of mulled wine and a spicy mincen parcel. Click to read a sneak preview of 12 Days of Yule.

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