Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Midsummer Madness

Five Frivolous Faeries
I always paid lip-service to the idea that I was a bit OCD - aren't we all? But now my obsessive side is totally taking over. Not content with two wonderful weekends camping in damp, muddy fields with a bunch of the nicest, most dedicated, resilient and fearsomely fun-loving critters you could ever wish to meet, I am scouring more weighty tomes to get to the bottom (pun intended) of these magical folk.
Ably aided and abetted by Brian Froud's enchanting Faery Oracle Cards, I am discovering just how deeply my soul resonates with the joyous energy of these nature-based spirits. And my sorely-neglected garden is delighted by the sudden burst of TLC it's been missing all year. Even the mid-summer gatheration took on a naughtily nice tone as we giggled our way through Nikki's excellent elderflower wine - well at least I did. 
A huge thank you to Karen Kay and her hard-working team for making my second Faery Festival a wonderful experience - despite tent-destroying gales and at least a year's worth of mud, I never saw a frown or heard a cross word from anyone the whole four days. Here is a triflingly infinitesimal flavour of the fantastic fun:

A special mention has to go to Brian and Wendy Froud's tremendous Troll tales, Laura Daligan's beautifully bodacious belly dancing, Unicorn Faery's captivating costume (and dynamic dancing), Tinker Fae's fabulous fire-work, Trixie Belle's stunning (and ever-present) smile and most especially Lynne's lovely laughter, Jaime's ethereal entertainment and Tara Fae's phenomenal face (and body) painting. Totally AWESOME!!
Busy planning how I can get to the next one ...
P.S. Beware the Chris Evan's show - Moira and Vassos's annoyingly aggravating alliteration is contagiously catching!!

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