Monday, 20 August 2012

Lazin' on a sunny afternoon ...

Lake Cau
Cadair Idris
On the third go at climbing Cader Idris, I finally got down to Lake Cau. A perfect day - pure magic from the Italian seasoned mushroom, ham and eggs through to the divine cuisine at Cross Foxes. My waterfall seems to have changed from an elephant into a bear - or is it just my obsession with seeing the faces of spirits in nature?

The fact that it rained every day didn't stop us from climbing a mountain, going to the beach twice or viewing any number of lakes, castles & waterfalls - not to mention an Italian village (Portmeirion) -  you gotta love Wet, Windy, Wales, no matter the weather. Funny thing is, the water just soaks away into the ground without making all that nasty 'orrible mud we get in the midlands ...

This blog is looking more and more like a travelogue - I did write a few thousand words and resolve a whole host of tricky plotting issues in the 6th book, honest!!

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