Wednesday, 30 January 2013

ABNA stole my January

What can I say? After last year's experience of getting slaughtered in the second round by a reviewer who doesn't spell Brit, I wasn't going to enter this year. To her certain knowlege, the English don't spell defence instead of defense or practising instead of practicing and "it's nothing a spell check wouldn't have picked up." Only if it's set to English (United States)
Bitter, moi? As if.

But I don't need much encouragement to stay up until 4am every night (except a couple) for three weeks solid, grandly imagining I can correct/improve any other writer's words while having the best possible fun it's possible for a girl to have without spending a dime. The pitch doctors on Sir Thomas' amazing thread are the wittiest, sharpest people I have the pleasure of dealing with - their company is addictive. If you want a gigle, check it out.

So, we now wait with bated breath for Feb 13th when we find out who progressed to the next phase. Here's my pitch - any comments gratefully received:
Archer doesn't belong. Edlyn and his gang go to any lengths to ensure he never will. They jump him in the woods, tie him to a tree and try to teach him some respect. The midnight flogging fails to break Archer’s spirit; instead he gains loyal friends while his adversary loses support.

The Beltane competition to find the May King pitches Archer against his best friend in a close-fought joust. He needs a huge dose of honour and integrity to prevail when Edlyn sabotages his chances by cheating at archery and calling a foul in the sword fight. Archer's portrayal of Robin Hood in the historical character round attracts plenty of female admiration, but Edlyn rigs a vote to reach the final round.

Archer apprenticed with Oxford's master bowman who rewarded him with a magnificent yew stave. As he carves it, drops of his blood awaken a powerful spirit. This enchantress helps him design a unique bow while concealing a darker agenda resulting from Edlyn's wanton mutilation of the tree she once was. The Beltane bonfire provides an opportunity for revenge and she lures him into the fire. Archer faces the ultimate dilemma - whether to defy her and risk his life to save his nemesis, or simply walk away.

Despite the distinctly medieval feel, ARCHER is set in a modern-day, alternate England where teenagers enjoy archery and jousting instead of football and Facebook. This 52,000 word story follows the adventures of a boy with a man's courage.

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