Monday, 18 February 2013

Three of the best - more ABNA buddies

Phew, this is taking a while to read through all these wonderful books - cat and dogs are nagging for food, the washing up is piling up on top of the diswasher and did I remember to eat today? Who cares, these wonderful reads are nourishment enough.

Gypsy is one of the incredibly helpful people on the pitch thread who goes that extra mile. Not content with giving excellent advice, she also does the humungous task of reading through all the thousands of posts and creating some excellent stats about the numbers of books in each genre. What a Star! Her first book Hired by a Demon has all the elements of Buffy, Charmed and a host of other excellent magical series. Her characters are well developed and she writes the sort of lean, muscular prose I love to read! There is just enough setting detail to pitch you into Vara’s dark, exciting world, but without swamping the action in world-building detail. Because it hasn’t been out  there too long, there are no comments yet – but maybe you can change that.
Can you brave the demons and werewolves? Go on – I dare you!

Stephen’s critiques are always methodical and detailed, like the attention to detail in his book King’s X. I love his treatment of the Knight’s Templar – and have to agree with the reviewer who said the history is “cleverly paced”- not the normal couple of pages of description before you get anywhere near a character. This book is peopled with heroes, from the spunky 16-year-old who has lived before to the hunky detective who is the only person capable of saving her from the evil Shepherd.*shudders* And all I’m saying about Shahin is Johnny Depp in heavy black curls. Nuff said. 
Fans say: “It's a full-meal-deal. If you're looking for dessert, skip this. It's too satisfying by far, completely engaging from beginning to end.” ”This book has it all - adventure, romance, suspense, bad guys, good guys, twists and turns you'd never expect, great character development and unique and fascinating plot... ”
I say: Do you have the courage to join in this scary ride?

L. Jefferson is well-known on the forum for her excellent advice, delivered in a calm, positive manner. But don’t let that cool exterior fool you – underneath sizzles a fiery ball of passion with a great sense of fun and wickedly witty turn of phrase. Her writing has every bit of the competence I would expect, with appealing, well-rounded characters in credible situations. I can sit back and enjoy my time in the company of the lovely Lendyn and cool Callum, knowing that I am in good hands. At Death It Begins has realistic dialogue, nicely crafted scenes and just enough mystery and tension to keep me turning the pages. Can you ask for any more than that?

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