Thursday, 12 December 2013

Is it really that time already?

Four girls as daft as me!
My how the year has flown. I'm just creating the annual newsletter to send out to friends/relatives - ok I realise it's more for my benefit than theirs - who really wants to hear about how well my kids are doing or how many times I climbed Cadair this year? Obviously, no-one but me, but will that stop me from inflicting the poor dears with the showing off of a proud parent? Unlikely! I might email a few more to save on printing tho' - someone seems to be eating the ink in the cartridges.
I really do it for my own benefit - I have a cracking record of all our little adventures since 1999 - except for 2002 - it seems to have gotten lost. I just read through them all - it was a wonderful trip down memory lane, reliving some of the highlights of me and mine. Exactly what you need when you're shivering waiting for the heating to come on and faced with the task of addressing a huge bunch of envelopes - could this be the year I finally do it on labels?
Hope you like the fun pictures I found from just before I left Marconi (June 2001) - even back then I liked to dress up. Our football team was called Comic Strip! and I was a winger, I insisted Olan Mills did one with my Tina Turner wig, and the final one was my leaving do - my attempt to do Cher. I know, 'nuff said.

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