Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Radio 2's 500 words competition

Well, this is my third year as a first round judge for this wonderful competition and this year, I'm taking Chris Evan's advice and going out into schools promoting the competition and running workshops for the children.
The poor teachers don't know what hit them when a cloaked old lady transforms into a wicked witch who picks a hair from one unsuspecting child and casts a spell on the whole class/school.

 There are definitely some askance looks when she turns into the Lady Rowanna, complete with sword and dagger, who revokes the spell and rescues the class.
Having got their attention, they are fascinated by the array of magical objects they can listen to, feel, smell and even lick! Ewww!
A couple of the schools have asked me back for a second session dealing with how to edit their master pieces, not quite as entertaining, but we soon find any excuse to have them up the front practising their acting talents as they deliver the same line in two different ways and the rest of the class has to guess what the tag line might say. Genius.
It's so cool when they show me their stories - there's some real talent out there and I'm privileged to be a part of it.

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