Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Busy Little Bees

 Unfortunately, I've been so caught up with releasing Death Wishes, I neglected to tell you that the totally awesome sequel to the totally awesome Crossfire has been released ahead of schedule.

And it lets you get to know more about the boy who ought to have floated Mirissa's boat but never quite manages it because of his guilty secret. Go check them out. You will not be disappointed.

Crossfire: Once a normal teenage girl, now an Amazon warrior. Add in a bunch of kick-ass preternaturals and one maniacal demi-god and what have you got? The worst birthday ever!

GrecoWhen Greco’s long-estranged mother is taken by an unknown enemy, he must face more than just his own personal demons. Ruthless mercenaries, inept crooks, and deeply buried secrets abound while Greco and Mirissa push their relationship to the brink in their search for answers. In this short story sequel to Crossfire, the mysteries of Greco’s past are revealed and his biggest mistake threatens to destroy his future.

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