Saturday, 30 May 2015

The A-Z of the Omega Series

Those of you who know a bit of Greek will know that (Omega) is the last letter of the Greek alphabet (a word whose origins are from the first 2 Greek letters alpha α and beta β). So the fact that the author of the Omega series has a name (Andrea) starting with the letter A (α) appeals to my misguided sense of order.

Ok, I know it's all Greek to you, but it's just my warped way of saying, "Lookie here. Ace has pulled a blinder." Four books in the series, every one of which is sitting in a bestsellers list (or 3).

Kudos, my lovely - finally your awesome series is getting the recognition it deserves. And just in case you haven't already bought any of them, you can now get the first 3 books in a box-set at a ridiculously cheap $5.99 in the US or £3.88 in the UK.

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