Saturday, 13 June 2015

Slater rocks the charts for the solstice

If you've never been to a Summer Solstice celebration, you can get a real feeling for what it might have been like eons ago by reading Slater's account of it.

FREE in the UK and FREE in the US. It's free everywhere else too as a number of Canadian, Australian, Indian, German, French, Spanish and Japanese readers have discovered.
For today and tomorrow, you can download this.

Thanks to my lovely UK fans, for putting him back in the number one spot in Blighty and a Special Thank You to so many Americans: he has finally made the number one slot across the pond (the USA and Canada). Well done, my boy.

My memories of a Summer Solstice at Stonehenge involve traffic queues, thousands of drunken hippies, snuggling into a corner by the burger van to try and keep warm, my dowsing crystal behaving strangely (just like it did in crop circles) and chatting to a couple of interesting Aussies.
The sunrise itself was a complete anti-climax, obscured by heavy clouds (however the sunset the night before was spectacular). But the real drawback for me had to be the crowds. Way too many people.

The following year, I celebrated the Solstices (Summer and Winter) at Avebury: altogether a much more intimate (and yet totally enthralling) experience. One year, I will get to do it at Glastonbury, but it always seems to coincide with Father's day. Funny, that!

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