Friday, 10 July 2015

Re-release of Rory rocks in early

Rory is only 99cents/99p for a fortnight.

So, you're supposed to learn by your mistakes, right?
How many times have I been tussling with the vagaries (and gremlins) of the various tools and platforms required to bring a book from my computer into the great, wide reading world?
Each release, I learn a little more and put strategies into place to make sure I've thought of everything. Then I go and mess it all up with daft things like not letting my awesome cover designer Rebecca Sterling know the date of the release.
But like a trooper, she pulled it out of the bag (how cool is this cover?). So the new, improved Rory (with a couple of sassy new female characters who steal a scene) kinda broke all the records and made it out a day early.
Just gotta let people know, now.
Hmmm! How to to this? Oh yes, my brand new shiny Twitter account - that's taken over the teasers, but just in case you don't have twitter or face book, here's a little montage to give you the flavour:

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