Wednesday, 23 September 2015

A Bucket List and Hot Angels in Spades

Back to the corny headlines. You know how it is.

 One of the reviewers for Death Wishes wrote:
"Ms. Green writes juicy sex scenes as well as ones that contemplate what it means to live a moral life in our day and age."
Well that seems to have done the trick - DW is #1 in 3 US charts and a UK one and Ro tells me it has been downloaded in 9 different countries: US, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Italy, India and Japan. Pretty phenomenal. Way to go, Ro.

Here's one of those screenshots we like to take as evidence of the achievement.

So this meant for several hours, only 16 books in the whole of the US were being downloaded faster than Death Wishes. I reckon that's defo worth a mention.

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