Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Giving Thanks

Yeah I know I'm a little early for Thanksgiving, like four months too early, but it's never the wrong time to show appreciation for all the wonderful people in my life who continue to help me on my path.

Number one has to be all the people who have bought, downloaded or read copies of the Hengist books, particularly those who left a review on Amazon. I can't tell you how wonderful it is to hear people's thoughts about the stories and every comment helps me to understand what works and what doesn't. So everyone who emails a link to their review on Amazon to jacky@hengistarcher.co.uk will receive a FREE short story about Archer's nemesis - the villain everyone loves to hate - Edlyn. This has never been published and is normally only available to people who subscribe to the newsletter.

Second comes the best support network an author ever had, my very best friends, the World Wise Writers. Each one of them has a wealth of talent she freely shares with the rest of us as we share this crazy writer's journey.
Andrea Domanski: author of The Omega Group series, the ultimate marketing wizard,
Hannah Sullivan; author of The Thunder Stories, master of the comma and my awesome editor,
S.M.Freedman: author of The Faithful Series, genius webmaster with a fierce intellect,
J.D.Fauklner: author of The Time Archivist Novels, phenomenal wit and social media guru.

Third are all those other fabulous creative people who help to bring my stories into being, my fabulous cover designer, Rebecca Sterling and three more fabulous authors, Veronica Richards, Alice Bell and Paula Yourell, all of whom are a constant source of encouragement and great ideas.

Last, but never least, comes my ever-enduring family and friends, who put up with the sight of me plugged into my lap-top, kindle or the ever-present pad an paper 24-7. Thank you for giving me the freedom I need to live this fantastically creative life.

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