Sunday, 23 April 2017

5-stars with Prestigious Review Sites

I'm so excited. A little over a week until the next Bryant Rockwell comes out and the first in series New Kid In Town gets some awesome 5-star reviews from these leading sites.

Reader's Favorite
I love this beautiful gong from Reader's Favorite - the first time I've submitted a book there. So-oo cool and shiny. These are some of the nice things Sefina Hawke says:
"A well written teenage romance that shows all the details of the high school experience - the fun, jealousy, ugliness, petty fights, and true friendship. The romance elements fitted perfectly with the plot and were the right balance of lust, love, and friendship."
Check out the rest here.

Book Viral
After loving the Hengist books, I wasn't sure what these guys would make of pure romance.
"New Kid In Town will appeal to anyone who has a sense of humour and an ear for the ironic. Gray's dialogue is consistently sharp and snappy, and captures the essence of teen-speak, especially its glib jibes and prickly put-downs.
Not only does it have a surprisingly edgy and intelligent narrative, it also offers a group of main characters who are all capable of holding a reader’s interest on their own."
Check out the rest here.

Paisley Piranha
Another new site for me - so thrilled to have the awesome YA author Katy Haye reviewing my book.
"Oh, this gave me all the feels! New Kid in Town gave such a convincing depiction of mercurial teenage relationships and that dreadful sense of hope and fear combined around transforming friendships into relationships when you don’t quite dare take the plunge in case your feelings aren’t reciprocated.". paisleypiranha
Check out the rest here.

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