Saturday, 10 February 2018

Oops. My Bad

Somehow, in the whole mad-panic to get my Hengist prequel out on the 21st December, (you know, Yule!) I kinda forgot to let people know exactly how it fits into the Hengist series. It goes something like this. The story of how the Hengist world came about spans several centuries of history and masses of earth-friendly technological developments. Not really something I could do in a single novel. I'm hoping it will all come out in three books. Famous last words.

I started with the before: - Twelve Days of Yule tells the story of Senna, a midwife living in the village of Avebury in the centre of medieval England. 💖 The eagle-eyed among you will notice I've played fast and loose with the timing of certain incidents, but heck, it is just a story, right, not a a chronicle of actual events.

Next is Eight Sabbats of the Sun, which tells the events leading up to the "big bang" - because of the terrific responses to Senna, I will keep her in it, but it's no longer her tale to tell. The Pagan "Wheel of the Year," is all about the growing season, so it kinda made sense this story should feature farm-based characters. I can reveal you have already met them! 😉 The link just tells you a little more about Sabbats and Esbats, but as soon as I have more, I'll add some pages.

Finally, we get to a kinda dystopian aftermath. Thirteen Esbats of the Moon starts with a people waking up in a new world, but because it has to span several centuries, will not have a coherent time-line - rather fast forwarding though time like "Back to the Future's" Doc Brown on speed. Mmmm, hold that image for a moment and figure why it's so wrong! So, as you can imagine, it will take a wee while to sort out, which is why I think it may not hit the virtual stores until 2019.

Please bear with me - I hope it will be worth the wait. In the meantime, I have a couple of short stories set in Archer's world which will only be available to those who sign up to my newsletter and request a copy.

And it doesn't end there. I already have a sixth book, and a third of a seventh book, which follow Archer's adventure as a young man. There are a lot darker than the initial series, so will be NA, rather than YA. But we are definitely looking at 2019 for Aurora (the grown-up version of Rory).

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