This is New and Utterly Exciting.
WorldWiseWriters is a group of talented ladies, committed to engaging stories filled with charismatic characters and exciting adventures. This is first class writing, edited to within an inch of its life and fronted by breathtaking artwork.

Not to swank or anything, but all of these ladies have had a book (or five) in the Amazon Bestsellers lists. All of them have been at #1 in their category.

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Crossfire: Once a normal teenage girl, now an Amazon warrior. Add in a bunch of kick-ass preternaturals and one maniacal demi-god and what have you got? The worst birthday ever!

Thunder: A rift between the layers of the world. A talking horse. Evil Sliders. What's a girl to do when she's the only one who can save it all?

Archer: Mmmm. Shoot an apple off his friend's head or lose his food, horse and clothes? Some decisions require little thought.

Mirrored Time: New jobs aren't supposed to be this hard. Crazy half-gods, time travelers and ex-gladiator thieves? Unemployment never looked so good.

The Faithful: According to I Fidele, non-psychics are cockroaches. And the extermination is about to begin.

Death Wishes: When Jo Green dies, all Hell lets loose in Heaven; she must live until her bucket list is fulfilled. Who better to help than a rookie guardian angel? Think Coke Break guy with wings. Yummy!

by Andrea
by Andrea
by Andrea
by Andrea
Five Weeks
by Hannah

Triple J
by Ro
Fox AW
by Ro
Wolf in SC
by Ro
Big Bad Wolf
by Ro
Impact Winter
by Sho
Greco: When his estranged mother is kidnapped, Greco must face his past and the secret that could destroy his future.

Rogue: The Grand Canyon holds many secrets, one of which thrusts Carter and the Omega Group into a thousand-year-old battle.

Pandora: Pandora’s box has been opened, and it contains far more than just illness and strife. Closing it will pit Mirissa against her most formidable foe yet—the Greek gods themselves.

Chaos: Orano must prevent the high priestess from succeeding in her quest for world domination, but first he’ll need to keep his own demons at bay.

Five Weeks: A Lifetime: When the Sullivans are told their unborn child has a congenital heart defect, the family takes an unexpected journey discovering the truth of love, sorrow, and ultimately, the gift of life.

Triple Jeopardy: Three girls, three decades, one outcome. These heroines have one thing in common – they attract trouble.

Fox Among Wolves: A smart cookie takes on a dark, edgy hero and a sexy, ruthless villain in this romance with muscle.

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing: A fragile mum clashes with an irreverent man-mountain under hazardous circumstances in this edgy romance.

Big Bad Wolf: A Cowboy and an Amazon take on a jobsworth, a couple of psychopaths and a UXB in this explosive romp.

Impact Winter: Ryanne’s small group of Blasphemare must turn I Fidele’s most prized weapon—their own children—against them.


by Jacky

by Jacky

by Jacky

by Jacky
Rory: Stick his neck out to save the so-called friends who betrayed him? Would you?

Reagan: Reagan must decode the mysteries of white horses, crop circles and ley lines to save his people. No pressure, then.

Slater: Knowledge is dangerous. What Slater knows about the altar stone could prove fatal.

Geraint: Purest Evil threatens Renegates and Townies alike. Can Geraint unite these warring factions in time to save Oxford?

How exciting is this? Fourteen of the WWW books have featured in the Amazon Bestsellers lists. I think that deserves a bit more kudos. Isn't it amazing what a group of hard-working, committed women can achieve in twelve short months?

If you are a fan of the scrummy artwork on the majority of these book, check out the awesome Rebecca Sterling - she will turn your story into a Book!

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