Thursday, 15 November 2012

Universal Lessons

What a crazy few weeks! First the loss of all the latest versions of all my books and 8,000 brand new words (that I hadn't backed up on a memory stick). Basically, to write Aurora, I was referring to stuff that went on the other five books so they were all open while I made minor tweaks to assure continuity. So even though I saved each file individually, word reached a limit with it's little temporary files and decided to take a walk all over my lap-top's operating system, bringing everything to its knees. When I finally restored it, all of the files in that directory had been well and truly splattered - I tried to knife-and-fork the data from the tmp files into the previous backups (from July) but it was comparative small beer.

     Green Goddess                          Midnight Blue
So methinks, I will repair to a quiet hostelry on the bank of a beautiful Welsh lake and spend 5 days trying to remember the new stuff. Except that I spent 60% of the time trying to recover from the killing blow dealt to my trusty steed by two Welsh ladies who were in too much of a hurry to get home to bother looking round blind bends in the pouring rain. So I had to let go of my faithful companion of 10 years and 72,000 miles - my Green Goddess drove me to Paris and Edinburgh, and shared hundreds of adventures all over England and Wales. Her replacement, Midnight Blue had spent many years being mistreated and neglected by many previous owners, but thanks to the wonderful mechanics at KNS is now starting to respond to some TLC.

It's been a tad fraught, but the lessons have been painfully learnt and clearly understood. And there was me thinking that when Saturn moved out of Libra (taking all his restrictions and limitations with him), it would all be plain sailing. Ho hum. Thanks to the ministrations of family and friends, I am almost whole again, but the green goddess lives on - I have taken her registration plate (with the powerful numbers 813) and put that on Midnight Blue so he can learn from her courage and spirit.

RIP Green Goddess - your spirit lives on and you will never be forgotten.

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