Wednesday, 26 March 2014

This takes me back ...

... about 20 years to when I first started writing. I'm looking at stuff I was so proud of then and my face is screwing up into a Really? expression. I know I have the But, And, that and was diseases, but back then there were horrid little suddenly's all over the shop and you just couldn't move for the adverb infestation. I even had (gasp!) three adjectives plaguing one poor noun. Horrific stuff eh?
I reckon it's something we all go through and it takes at least a dozen stories (if they are mostly shorts like mine were) 'til you iron out all the rookie mistakes like the nest of vipers that is an unlimited omniscient narrator. *shudders*. Seriously, who has 3 pov changes in one page (let alone one scene). I did. And try as I might, I cannot see how to get round it. But I've met these wonderful ladies who have some superb ideas, I have every confidence they will help me out.
Now where's that axe? The scissors just weren't anything like vicious enough.


  1. Can I borrow your axe when you're done with it?

    The chainsaw I was using ran out of gas.

  2. Tee Hee. Jennelle, you are officially Queen of the Axe! You wield it like an expert.