Saturday, 21 May 2016

Bella Italia

Lake Como is a gorgeous piece of Paradise, filled with snow-capped mountains, colourful villages and fabulous vistas. Menaggio was Magnificent (the town and the Grand Hotel), even did some line dancing to the Eagles "Get Over It." Beautiful Bellagio (no dancing fountains, but you can see where Vegas got the inspiration) was only a couple of stops away on the ferry; the next one down is Villa-tastic Verenna.
After 3 hours in Monastero, we hiked up a mountain trail worthy of Cader Idris, only to find a further four flights of knee-crippling stairs to hit the top of the tower. The views were well worth it, and the ghosts were great fun. A 12th century church and spectacularly ornate graveyard made Gravedona worth a visit, and Como Cathedral has rich detail which makes York (and Canterbury) pale into the shade. The purple rose? That's what the cute maid did with my nightie - a different, more complex sculpture greeted our return to the sumptuous room every day. And don't get me started on the food: not a pizza all week, but every dish was so exquisite, it even got Bri raving about the porcini mushroom lasagna - and he normally hates pasta.

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