Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Reagan -The White Horse Boy

Ever wondered about why people took so much effort to carve out White Horses on the sides of hills? Or why thirteen of them were clustered within a 20-mile radius of a certain village in what was ancient Wessex?

Reagan has to do a lot more than just wonder; his life depends on identifying the site for the next White Horse to be built. His talents for reading ley-lines, recognising patterns and understanding the secret geometry of crop circles lead him on an exciting journey around the countryside. He can't tackle this mammoth project on his own, and pressure mounts as a series of increasingly dangerous accidents raise the stakes, ending with a mysterious illness plaguing the villages' children.

Luckily, the universe sees fit to help by offering the services of a spirit guide and a master trainer with a warped sense of humour, who infuriates the nearest thing they can find to an expert, the blacksmith, Reeve. But every step forward takes two steps back as the council leader withholds several key clues, and Reagan's debilitating headaches lead to discovery of the fate of several prior "Chosen Children."

Find out more about the characters in Reagan here.

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