Saturday, 28 April 2012

Does it get any better than this?

It's always nice to get emails from people who have read and enjoyed your books, but in the past week I have had two people ask me where they can get copies of the fourth book in the series, Slater. I really need to get my finger out - the poor boy has been waiting in the wings for a very long time now. I finished telling his tale in January 2010 and printed the proof copy in April 2011, but he kind of took a back seat while I spent most of the year in Wonderful, Wet, Windy Wales. I could no longer resist the call from the Preselli mountains, but on balance I think I'll blame Aurora - in order to tell her story, I had to climb to the top of Cader Idris (third time lucky), see an Italian village overlooking a Welsh bay, take the boat to Arthur's Labyrinth and connect with the spirits when a Welsh Castle was sacked.

Jaime @ Avebury Sunrise 2/10/11
The Dragon called to me even louder than my previous second home Glastonbury, and poor old Avebury hardly got a look in (although I did watch the Mid-Summer sun rise from the top of Silbury Hill and took my beautiful American songbird Jaime Black there to watch the sun rise over the Stone circle on a balmy morning in early October). Good times!
So now I have yet another task to add to my gi-normous list of creative things to to. Life is just being so good to me so far this year and I really do appreciate it.

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