Saturday, 21 April 2012

Hello World

Dear Reader,
Is it possible to write a first Blog that isn't entirely lame? {squirms nervously}
Just not cool enough to feel comfortable with these new-fangled, talk-about-trivia gadgets. Back in the eighties when I was learning lots of different programming languages on different platforms, we always started with something simple that just outputted a short message to the screen. Those of us lacking in imagination had messages saying really lame stuff - guess I just haven't moved on from then. I have learnt however, that one man's wit is another woman's gross-out, so maybe I'll make one person grimace in a fashion almost resembling a smile - I'll be happy with that.
Thanks to the expert tutelage of some very experienced writers, my offering has fewer poor tense choices, End Of Sentence Prepositions and other grammatical sloppiness that infects the speech of your average Brit (hope you are still with me) than normal. As for the adverb police - squirm is a sufficiently strong verb to do it on its own, it just got terribly lonely there in those curly brackets, so I gave it a friend. But enough weirdness for now.
See I don't even know how to sign off, so I'll use my normal one:
The kisses are very important because there just isn't enough love in the world.

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