Wednesday, 25 April 2012

If you want something doing ...

...ask a busy person. Two days back at school and it feels like I never had two weeks off. 
 I put off the writing/publishing of the Hengist series in January to help two of my friends edit/publish their amazing coursebooks about Tarot and Crystals. February was all about competitions - made it to the last 1000 of the ABNA competition run by Amazon and Pengiun and I judged 37 entries (aged up to 9) from Chris Evan's 500words contest - huge fun. 
March saw a coursebook about how to write fiction and an accompanying workshop which went down well with some of the language teachers from school. The lastest is a workshop for people who want to write fairy tales.  All good so far, then today there's a request for help editing a coursebook for an Angel workshop and accompanying meditation CD's.
Life is good. Busy, but good.

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