Sunday, 22 April 2012

Thank You

After love, it seems to me that you cannot give enough gratitude in this world.
Although words speak to me the loudest (pun intended), numbers come a pretty close second (I still teach maths two days a week in an English High School), tying with any kind of creative/artistic endeavour (although if you are doing it right, you don't have to try and it isn't hard). That's pretty cool - three sets of braces in one sentence - a record even for me. Hope the grammar police aren't watching, they'd be pretty apoplectic by now, white spittle at the corners of their mouths.
Back to the original intent, which is to express my deep and enduring gratitude to the many people who have helped me along the way with their expertise, creative or otherwise. As this unfamiliar animal (the blog) takes shape, I will re-consider, but right now, it just feels right to brighten it up with stunning artwork, provided with the help of many talented people. I would like to give them credit and publicise their creative endeavours with links to their web-sites. Please feel free to check out these wonderful people whose expertise in the fields of archery, jousting and artwork have enriched my life.
P.S. The stunning artwork for the posters and book covers (and especially my very own White Horse, Blaise) is all the work of the extremely talented Anthony Askew.
P.P.S. Although American is my second language, I can't quite bring myself to set the language to US English - you will just have to ignore the extra u's, s instead of z, etc.

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