Monday, 23 April 2012

Love, Love and more Love

Mmmmm – bit by bit, this blog thing is starting to take shape. You’d think after 23 years writing software, a new platform would be a breeze. As usual, I am quaking in my woefully inadequate boots, wondering how to make this thing not look to cringingly shabby compared to the ones I have trawled for inspiration. Boy are there some talented people out there? – not to mention generous. I just looked at a previous blog-run competition for some hints about presentation – writers really are a wonderful bunch of people. All that creative energy just inspires them to give of their time, effort and talent in a blogfest of caring, sharing, loving selflessness. Makes a little math geek like me feel all warm, squidgy, humble and did I mention loved? Kudos, guys – share the lovin’ vibes.
Awesome Avebury - where magic begins

Glorious Glastonbury Tor

Wonderful Welsh Waterfalls
The text wrapping is gonna take a bit of furtling - still what else have I to do? 

Can anyone else see the elephant in the room?

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